About Us

About Us

We won't give up until

Our underprivileged talented young

gets the support and respect they deserve.

Fashion for Cause (FFC) was born with the aim to of raising awareness, support our cause(Mental Health) through Fashion. To support Young students coming to the UK by providing them with support and links to British and local Indian/South Asian families through the FFC.

In March 2018, FFC conducted its first event supporting Mental Health under Vimmi Dhillon Styles The event focused on International Women’s day and acknowledged women in the Indian and South Asian community. The event became an overnight success and the community felt more confident talking about topics which we need to discuss openly amongst our children and families.

In July FFC became a registered . Vimmi Dhillon began to assemble a team of people she felt shared the same principals and passion for changing society’s perception of mental health. With her team on board Vimmi, set about the ambitious task of FFC’s first event. Members volunteer their time to FFC and we hope to grow the reach of this to fully support our objectives.

Our values

FFC's values are at the heart of everything we do.

  • Open: We reach out to anyone who needs us
  • Together: We're stronger in partnerships
  • Responsive: We listen, we act
  • Independent: We speak out fearlessly
  • Unstoppable: We never give up