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People need FFC (Fashion for Cause ) more than ever, and thanks to us, more and more people are getting support when they desperately need it.

The FFC (Fashion for Cause ) aims to work with projects in the Asian subcontinent and the UK. We are a new who is committed to growing our membership over the forthcoming year, with our Committee’s network, to at least 500 and to begin working with at least one project.

Why FFC ?

FFC (Fashion for Cause ) aims to use the funds collected are distribute to the most deserving. We’ve created an ambitious and visionary new strategy to achieve our goals into 2019. Too many people still don’t have the things they need and deserve to stay well. And, that’s not good enough, FFC is determined to change that.

Current Projects - Thinking Tree

Fashion for Cause is delighted to announce Book Club for Young Minds.

World Book Day celebrates one day of everyone reading. Would it not be amazing if instead it marked the anniversary of a year well spent engaging in reading and developing a thirst for knowledge through books!

For World Book Day, we would like to recommend a book swap where each child selects a book that they would like to swap and share with others. Based on this book, your daughter/son can dress up as the main character, and if they like, attach their photo to the book.

They can then swap the books each week with other children. Once each child has read the book, they should add a sticker on the inside cover to show they have read it. While swapping the books, children should be encouraged to choose girls or boys they are less acquainted with so they can develop more friendships and self-confidence.

The objective of Book Club for Young Minds is simply to:

  1. Encourage reading at young age
  2. Help children reach out and make new acquaintances
  3. Give a sense of accomplishment and pride to young children when their peers have signed and stamped their favourite book!
  4. Build children’s confidence and develop their practical skills through implementing shared reading opportunities.

Fashion for Cause supports “Thinking Tree” independent book club because:

  1. It promotes sustainable and ethical use of our resources (even if you think you are recycling books at home or giving it to charities, think again – it’s not always being directed to where it should be!)
  2. It raises awareness about the need to look after our environment and plant more trees
  3. It encourages young people to become more confident, to develop friendships and promotes wellbeing
  4. Reading is without doubt great mental stimulation and develops lifelong learning